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A Message From Our CEO

We Offer a Very Different Approach to Wealth Management

Julie-Anne Lewis

Owner & CEO | Managing Director, Investment Management


As the owner of Middleburg Wealth Management, I am proud that we offer a very different approach to wealth management: an approach that places the interests of our clients above all else.

We believe that the relationship we have with each and every individual client is paramount. Everything in our firm is designed specifically around fulfilling this commitment every step of the way, and in the process, providing the best wealth management services for the client today.

My clients often ask “what is the single greatest advantage of doing business with Middleburg Wealth Management?” Without hesitation, my response is always the same: independence and a strict emphasis on a family practice that places our clients’ interests above our own! In an increasingly complicated era, pursuing our clients’ financial goals depends on unbiased advice; meaningful, timely information and research; and access to the investments and services that best fit our clients’ unique specific circumstances. Our independence affords every client the potential benefit of personalized and impartial investment strategies based on their unique time horizon, financial objectives, risk preferences and tax considerations. Being independent means we are free to recommend only those products and services that address their needs – that is, no quotas or pressure to sell proprietary products. Truly independent research enables us to choose investments solely on the merits of their characteristics and their suitability for their financial goals.

Secondly, creating a family practice ensures the same tenants, values, and leadership I convey to my children each and every day, we practice here at work. Clients understand there is no façade when working with us….they understand the core values that define us as individuals and collectively as a group are the same values that help define Middleburg Wealth Management. Furthermore, we are always guided by the following phrase:

“Unless your heart, your soul, and your whole being are behind every decision you make, the words from your mouth will be empty, and each action will be meaningless. Truth and confidence are the roots of happiness.”

With over 65 years of collective industry experience, our team continues to strive to provide the highest level of client experience, while ensuring we are a leader within the industry and the community. We are locally owned and operated, and take a serious approach to the impact we have not only on our clients’ lives, but the community in which we are proud to serve.