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Our Relationship With Kestra Private Wealth Services

While Our Advice is Independent, We Are Not an Island Out on Our Own

While Our Advice is Independent, We Are Not an Island Out on Our Own

Middleburg Wealth Management is part of Kestra Private Wealth Services, a Federally Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), with offices based around the country. We are often asked to explain our relationship with Kestra Private Wealth Services – how it works and what it means for our clients. Quite simply, Kestra Private Wealth Services is the engine behind our operation, providing us with the platform we need to deliver upon the advice we provide to our clients by allowing us with access to investment products and markets.

This arrangement allows us to operate with a level of independence without giving up any investment options that we feel are critical to a client’s investment success or causing significant disruption to a client’s existing holdings. In fact, the variety of investment choices we can offer our clients exceeds that of a traditional investment firm. We have access to a broad array of financial vehicles depending on our clients' needs and interests.

Most importantly, the arrangement with Kestra Private Wealth Services provides our clients with monthly statements from a trusted third party custodian and provides complete, direct online access to their accounts. Our clients can review holding information, account activity and transaction history on their own anytime they wish.

Kestra Private Wealth Services is a firm dedicated to the belief that the advisor-client relationship is paramount. This relationship depends on trust, flexibility, freedom of investment choice and an advisor’s ability to offer effective, comprehensive advice and service in a conflict-free environment. This is the reason we’ve chosen to work with such a forward-thinking firm.

While this setup may appear somewhat complicated, in the end it simplifies things: You know where your assets are held at all times; you have direct access to statements and can track activity on your own; and you know that the advice we deliver to you is with your interests in mind, not the interest of the firm.

* NFP Advisor Services Group is a business segment of National Financial Partners Corp. (NFP) that includes NFP subsidiaries NFPSI and NFP Indesuite, Inc.

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